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9 thoughts on “A Facebook Marketing Strategy That Won"t Make You Look Like A Jerk!

  1. Betty Eriksen

    Just what I've been looking for! Thank you James, for a very informative
    video. You made everything sound so simple with the 6 step method.

  2. easypromosapp

    This is a great video, another out of the box method is to use our
    promotion app recruiter feature in combo with your facebook ads mentioned
    in this video. The bottom line, get your fans to promote your business for

  3. Adriana Pezzuto

    Facebook is definitely a goldmine. But it seems to be getting more
    difficult to "make nice with it"

  4. Spook SEO

    I agree that Facebook is definitely a great place to get more leads and
    make more money but it really is more difficult now. They are stricter and
    promoting your page to get more web presence has become more expensive.
    There are some ways we can get around it but it's not everybody who is
    fortunate enough not to get caught.


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